I have connections with different banks and mortgage brokers. Hopefully there will be someone that I work with at your bank that is best suited for your situation
As a buyers agent one of the services I provide is attaining the services of a home inspector. He or she can help walk through the home inspection, and help evaluate the purchase.
I will proceed to terminate that process, and continue looking for another. In today’s market whenever we do an offer it must be done in writing. Houses are going extremely fast so make sure you were prequalified, and ready to submit an offer in a moments notice. That may be the only way you get your dream home.
I highly recommend home inspections. It gives the buyer an opportunity to sit down, and go through the report to take your next course of action. When you attend the inspection. He or she will have an idea of the home inspectors findings. That report will help you the buyer to decide whether to continue the process, or to walk away from a deal.
Pricing! Owners often over, or under evaluate their current home. Home buyers often under estimate the current market, and lowball their offer. That could lead to a missed opportunity.
If you do not have a realtor in line to help sell your current home in your existing location. I can help you find a qualified agent to help. I can help locate a home in this market, and help coordinate the sale of your existing home. That gives you the ability to make a purchase or sale after transaction in your existing market.

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