Real estate is a customer service industry

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- Bruce Roby

Real estate is a customer service industry​​

I like to consider myself an expert in customer service. I’ve worked in the restaurant business for over 25 years, and learned how customers like to be treated.

I have translated those years in customer-service from the restaurant industry to the real estate industry.

I pledge to do my best to be there every step of the way with every transaction.

I am more than willing to go the extra mile to satisfy my clients, and make them happy because that’s what makes me happy. A client needs to be heard in order to fulfill their expectations. And I will listen!


How the overall home buying process works

Something I’ve learned as a realtor is that many people don’t understand is how the overall home buying process works. The first obstacle for future home buyers is whether or not he or she is prequalified for a mortgage. They need to understand that is where the process begins. Home buyers need to understand that pre-qualification needs to be addressed before you can buy a house. Buyers need to know what they are able to buy, what type of loan is available to you, and how much are you eligible for.


Multiple visits are not uncommon until we find the perfect match.

That’s where I come in to play. After pre-qualification is established we can begin to set you up with houses I believe you would like, and you can also send houses to me that you want to view. That is made possible after you are pre-qualified. My responsibility is to help you find the house that is the perfect fit. Multiple visits are not uncommon until we find the perfect match.


Prepared for inspections and appraisals.

Then we begin to figure out an offer you are comfortable with, and also make sense for the purchase. That offer is sent over to the seller for negotiations, and once that back-and-forth is done we get to the point where we can move forward with the purchase. I like to inform buyers at that point to be prepared for inspections and appraisals.

Finally I will walk you through the closing process’s, and paperwork to ensure that everything is accomplished as agreed-upon. I will be by your side as you take ownership of your new home every step of the way.

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